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Review: Weyerbacher Daywrecker 19/06/2018

Reviewed By: Herr Mike
Style: Double/Imperial Pale Ale
State/Country: Pennsylvania
ABV: 10%
Serving Type: 16 oz
Look: 9.5
Medium gold color, huge white head, stringy lacing
Smell: 8
Citrus, floral, bready, spice
Taste: 9
Orange, grapefruit, caramel, bread, pepper, pine, herbal, slight booze
Mouthfeel: 8.5
Medium chewy with medium carbonation
Drinkability: 9
Citrus hits first followed by some breadiness and caramel with a boozy herbal finish
Overall Score: 8.8
Value: 10
Cost/16 oz serving: $2.88
Overall Impression:
I like when a brewery takes a basic beer like a Pale Ale and pumps it up, both in ABV and flavor. This beer is like “The Incredible Hulk” of Pale Ales. Recommended

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